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MMCD001. Released 26th May 2010.


Always (Spirit Free)  - Spirits Burning & Omenopus

Night Twist - OPEN version (From the original, but unreleased album titled OPEN. Later reworked for Time Flies).

One By One - Sheriden Starr & Omenopus

MMCD002. Released 6th December 2010.

Truth & Lies

These Are My Thoughts

Don't Want To Be Here

Night Twist

Night Twist Omega


Le Chapeau Rouge

You Don't Talk Like A Human


MMCD003. Released 4th April 2011.

Call Your Name - Omenopus

Please take me away from here -1912

Second skin - Omnia Opera

Secret - David Speight & Friends

Fingers ten - Chumley Warner Bros

Robot - Osiris The Rebirth

Dukes journey - Toxic Conspirators

On the radio - Sarah K Panton

Stand and deliver - Spirits Burning

MMCD005. A two disc EP album. Released 1st May 2012.  

Disc I

The Plague Part I - Plague of ten

The Plague Part II - Plague of fire

The Plague Part III - Solitude

The Plague Part IV - A Litany In Time Of Plague

e of plague

The first Omenopus compilation album.  

Money monkey - Earth Lab

Cosmic fantasy - Krankschaft

The Cossack groove - Flutatious

Gateway (The 2nd movment) - The Higher Craft

Landscape - Stephen Palmer

The gift - Isis

Rev me up under New York - Harvey Bainbridge

Black widows - Dr Hasbeen

Instincts - L.M.Potts



Disc II




The Binary Dimension

My Secret Ghost

Second Sight

MMCD006. Released 18th June 2012.

Trick me - Ria

1408 (Uno, Quattro, Zero, Otto) - Electric Cake Salad

Masquerade (Hidden Mix) - Anubis & Mudda

Brick By Stone - Omenopus

On the street - Chumley Warner Bros

More light - Osiris The Rebirth

Down again - Bangtheory

Pretty - Night Flyer

e of plague

The second Omenopus compilation album.  

Gosuto - Oriel Chambers

Zube - Dihedral

Philosophy - The Higher Craft

Rough diamond (The A&C Cut) - The Timelords

Iceflow - Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart

Brick by brick (TND Edit) - 1912

One for Lok - Nik Turner & Karl E.H. Seigfried

Space lane baby - Nigel Potter

MMCD008. Released 6th September 2013.

A special release to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

The two track disc was only available to members of the Omenopus Fan/Mailing List.

Now available as a three track download.

The Physician

The Companion


MMCD009. Released 1st January 2014.

George 4/7

I Am

Before The Beginning 1

Unreasoning In The Whys

Commandments 1

Before The Beginning 2


13 Mirrors


Before The Beginning 3

Watching The Mannequin Lady Through My Window

Commandments 2

Blaa Blaa 1E3

Blind Part 1 & 2


Blind Part 3

Commandments 3

Stand Still

Polar Water

The Physician


MMCD010. Released 16th June 2014.

Physical Album

My Secret Ghost (Second Sight)

The Plague Part 1 - Remastered

Stand Still - Radio edit

Toon Soon

Unreasoning In The Whys - Radio edit

Drums Of War

Truth & Lies - Remastered edit

The Robots - Long version

Time Flies

Allies & Clansmen

The Plague

Allies & Clansmen: The Next Descendant

The Physician

The Archives

The Omenopus Compendium Of Souvenirs

Released 27th March 2017.

Download Album

Truth & Lies

Call Your Name

Stand Still

Toon Soon

Unreasoning In The Whys

Drums Of War

The Robots - Short Version

Don’t Look Back

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Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart.  

Always (Spirited Away) - Omenopus Remix

No One Cries In Space

Iceflow (Icetalk Mix)

Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk

Make Believe It Real

Chain Of Thought

HST205CD. Released 3rd March 2014.

Make Believe (It Acoustic)

Cyber Spice


Be Careful What You Wish

Skyline Signal


Eternal Energy



Journey Past The Stars


e of plague

Make Believe It Real

New World Order

MMCD011. Released 1st Febuary 2016.



New World Order

The Eagle

The Last Train

World Of Change

Broken Stones

Everything We Have Lost

The Hand That Feeds

e of plague

The Hybrid Project - 1912/Omenopus

Log 1. The Mourning

Log 2. Day 1. The Tides - Part 1

Log 3. Day 4. Fight For Life (On Film)

The Tides - Part 2

Log 4. Day 6. Give Me Your Heart

Drachen Auf Rädern

B01JTZKJ1G. Released 19th August 2016.

Charlie Beck with Blind Passenger & Omenopus


Drachen auf Rädern

e of plague